Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Game Plan Enacted

After closely looking at my GAME plan, the resource that I will need for the first standard addressed is a computer.  Looking at the programs that are already located on either the server or hard drive will be a good starting point to incorporate technology into the lesson.  As was pointed out in chapter 5 of Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use (Cennamo, Ross, & Ertmer, 2009), simply using a Word application for students to type their responses instead of hand writing them allows them access to a plethora of resources that they otherwise would not have (ie:  thesaurus, dictionary, spell check).  Additionally, the visual adjustments of the font and zoom features gives students who are visually impaired a chance to alter the text to meet their specific needs.  Creating a table (again using Word) of what lesson is being taught, paired with the new technology, will give me the opportunity to reflect on what went well in the lesson as well as where the refinements need to take place (thus covering the monitoring and evaluation piece)

As for the second technology standard I am working on, I will need access to the internet.  Checking in with various blogs and social bookmarking sites requires such access.  It also entails creating a community of professionals who have explored the technologies being looked at.  Once more, a table of what was being addressed and how it works will be used to keep track of what has already been covered.  Once a technology application has been studied, I can then best see where it will fit into my existing curriculum. 

Steps that I have taken to this point are the initial planning for incorporating technology into my lesson plans.  Figuring out the logistics of how to gain access for my students is the critical juncture at my workplace.  It requires foresight and cooperation among my coworkers.  Being that I have only one computer and an interactive whiteboard, I either plan an activity that has all participating as a class or I need to switch classrooms with a colleague.  My initial attempt with this will take place tomorrow at the interactive whiteboard.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the website and create a collective concept map of who they are and what they represented.


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Cóttrill, J. (2006-2012). Aztec History. Retrieved September 19, 2012, from


  1. Sandra,

    After reading your post, I understand your frustration. It must be difficult to engage students in technology when you have access to one computer and a whiteboard. I looked back at your last blog to see what standards and proficiencies you were focusing on. Your goal for supporting Standard 2a by incorporating a technology component into each unit is an inspiring one. I am curious if you have access to computer labs or mobile laptop carts. Since you didn't mention it, I am assuming that your reference to using someone else's classroom for computer access means that some teachers have student computers and some don't. Could you elaborate on that a little so that I can determine if I have any suggestions? It might be interesting to survey your students and see who has computer and Web access at home. Once you have that information, you can better plan what technology you can incorporate. You could have a class blog or website that students can access from at home to review lessons.

    Another resource you have is your Interactive Whiteboard. There are several resources out there to get ideas on how to use it and even online communities. This link has some interesting resources for free:

    Lastly, if you Google with the key words "one computer classroom", there are tons of resources on how to incorporate technology into a classroom with one computer. Here is one link that I found:

    Good luck on your journey. I think you have some great goals and I look forward to hearing how things are going as I follow your future blog posts.


    1. Lauri,
      I teach in a juvenile detention facility. My students live where I teach. They do not have access to computers except in the classroom. We do have three computer labs within the school area where I could set up my class to do research or work on other technologically related projects. The problem lies in scheduling one as that affects the other teacher's lesson plans as well. I appreciate the resources and look forward to checking them out.